Organic Beef Stock Bones

Organic beef stock bones, perfect for the homemade winter warmers from beef stew with dumplings to great steak and kidney for a truly classic pie.

Product Description

Organic Beef Stock Bones

Organic beef stock bones from our grass fed shorthorn cows down on our certified organic farm in Rimington and also from our partner farm just up the road in Settle.

Despatched fresh by the kg for £3.50. This way you are able to start cooking your perfect paleo meal on the day of delivery.

These variable beef stock bones are more than perfect for making your very own healthy stock and bone broth. Use as a base for amazing tasting organic soups or in sauces.

With a selection of marrow, knuckle rib and blade the resulting stock is rich, healthy and gelatinous. These organic beef stock bones are sure to create the ultimate

As with all our livestock they are given free access to the pastures where they forage for different plant types during the summer and even self limit any potential illness. Not only is this a natural and healthy way for cows to graze. But it also means we see the vet a lot less too. To feed cows this way has a direct effect on the quality of the meat they produce. This is proven to be higher in omega 3 fatty acids than meat produced on a silage or non grass system but then nature is never wrong and if we are what we eat then we are also what the cow has eaten!

No pesticides, no herbicides and no artificial fertilisers, just good old-fashioned well-rotted bedding muck like we have done for centuries.


Weight 1 kg


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