Organic Chicken Fillets

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Organic Chicken Fillets

A duo of organic chicken fillets. Freshly cut and prepared by our qualified butchers on the day of your orders despatch. We do all the work, so you don’t have to.

The organic paleo cooking recipes including these juicy fillets are never ending and are of of course bursting with flavor and packed with healthy ingredients.

All our products are packed fresh, not frozen. This then gives you the chance to get stuck in cooking straight away on the day your parcel arrives.

These two organic fillets are a marvelous source of protein. Slowly grown and not reared on antibiotic medicated feed like the majority of intensive cheap chicken.  All our products are certified organic which means, no GMO’s and that they are reared on pasture that has not been sprayed with herbicides. Basically in short they are pure clean eating.

Either way you decide to cook these organic chicken fillets you are sure to be guaranteed a meal full of protein as well as flavour as these juicy chicken fillets are always a popular choice both online and in our organic farm shop.

However you decide to cut and cook these organic chicken fillets, the results are sure to be outstanding. I’m sure you’ll be left craving seconds..

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