Organic Minced Beef Steak

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Organic Minced Beef Steak (400g)

Our organic minced beef steak is ultra-lean, full of flavour and comes directly from our certified organic farm were we pride ourselves on our traditional farming methods.
This way we shout the term ‘you are what you eat’ as our herd of dairy short horn cows are given free access to the pastures where they forage for different plant types during the summer and even self limit any potential illness. The fantastic mix of herbs from the upland pastures of Pennine Lancashire and North Yorkshire gives our beef a unique flavour and being grass fed they naturally contain more omega 3 fatty acids and of course flavour.
Slowly and naturally grown on grass rather than concentrate fed the flavour is worlds apart from the quick grown and protein raised alternative.

No pesticides, no herbicides, no antibiotic residues and completely GMO Free – Organic for peace of mind…

Not only is the 400g pack of organic minced beef steak easy on the wallet, but is perfect for creating your very own home made paleo burgers, meatballs or even chilli.


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