About Organic Paleo

The Organic Paleo is our new venture here at Gazegill as having noticed there are a lot of Paleo Sites out there but we couldn’t find one that offered purely organic foods – we know that organic is not only better for the environment in terms of the impact that agriculture has on nature and habitat but also better in terms of being a purer more natural alternative. Here are some of the nasties that you won’t find in organics – pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, GMO’s, glycophosphates to mention just some of the not nice things that can legally enter the food chain. We believe that food must be pure, anything fed to an animal can potentially pass into the food chain and then into us if we choose to eat it, even a cow grazing grass can ingest herbicide residues weeks after docks or thistles have been sprayed and killed and the question is, how much of this residue enters the food chain – not in an organic system though where the ethos is “if it’s not natural then it has no place on the farm” we tolerate a few nettles and thistles and deal with then the old fashioned way, manually. To coin a phrase we have always said “it’s what’s not in it rather than what is that matters” this we think is key to our commitment to food that is natural in its rearing and happy in its life. Happy, healthy animals make better food.

Our family have been farming at Gazegill for about 500 years and as current custodians our responsibility to continue farming in a sustainable and nature led way is very important. We have always believed that nature is never wrong and that our relaxed approach not only suits our animals but also promotes a sound ecological system. Happy, healthy animals make better food with a traditional flavour. The rare and traditional breeds that we keep are better suited to the organic system and are slowly grown, this ensures a longevity of life based around a natural approach to farming.

We have traditional hay meadows that are species rich in flowers, herbs and grasses, these promote an abundance of natural habitat for our birds and other wild animals which thrive in our biological heritage sites and our beautiful nature. A relaxed approach to farming and with an emphasis on true welfare, we believe that our animals benefit from this diverse natural system and benefit from having an identity, every cow has a name and we can trace their ancestry for over 60 years, and yes they all were named too as they are our extended family.

In addition to our nature our ancestors had the foresight to leave intact many ancient monuments on our farm, from ridge and furrow to Roman roads, our charge is to protect them and pass them on just like our flower meadows and our ethos, take nothing that the next generation might also enjoy but rather protect it and pass it on for all to see.