Organic Half Lamb

Product Description

Our Organic Half Lamb is our best selling value pack. This half an organic lamb is more than good for value and a really versatile meal pack too. By purchasing this organic half lamb you will find plenty of slow cook cuts alongside some of the quicker cook pieces. Such as the organic chump steaks, the perfect paleo meal when pan fried and served with fresh sweet potatoes.

Why not fill your freezer with this amazing organic half lamb, made up of the following:

2 x Organic Half leg of lamb (chump and shank end)
2 x Organic Half shoulder (blade and knuckle)
5 Organic Best end cutlets.
Organic stock bones for broth.
350g Diced organic lamb.
350g Mince organic lamb.
5 Loin organic chops.
8 Organic breast ribs or boned and rolled breast.
2 Organic chump steaks.
3 Pieces of organic neck end.

It’s all Paleo down at Gazegill Farm. In our certified organic farm shop’s window you will find a huge range of stunning organic meats, varying from pork liver to beef sirloin. For anyone associated with the Organic Paleo diet – it’s a dream come true. We even stock fresh fruit and vegtables and organic eggs too! Why not come and see for yourself? We are happily open to guests 7 days a week and our farm shop is open as follows:

Monday: 8am -5pm
Tuesday: 8am -5pm
Wednesday: 8am -5pm
Thursday: 8am -5pm
Friday: 8am -5pm
Saturday: 8am -5pm
Sunday: 10am – 3pm.


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