Whole Organic Chickens


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Whole Organic Chickens

Whole organic chickens with the extra bit of juicy tenderness to ensure the full potential is guaranteed. All our organic chicken is free to roam and forage. Fed 100% organic feed and guaranteed GMO and of course, antibiotic free.

The classic paleo recipes for chicken roasts are endless. Whether studded with garlic, anchovies or lemon before roasting. They all result in a superb Sunday roast with plenty left over for a great healthy soup or bone broth.

Most whole chickens these days are now sold without the giblets. We however, include these in your order so you have the chance the create the best home made gravy. Simply leave the organic giblets to boil for at least 45 minutes, not forgetting to add a pinch or two of seasoning. These organic giblets are packed separate to your whole chicken. We even include our turkeys giblets at Christmas too, this way you have the chance to cook the ultimate  holiday dishes over the festive period.

This whole organic chicken is freshly prepared and packed on the day of your orders despatch. Just like every other product we proudly sell. Varying from our traditional nitrate-free back bacon, to a half a lamb.


1.5kg, 2kg


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